Supported Independent Living (SIL)

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Program Overview

Supported Independent Living provides assistance to individuals with a developmental disability who require support to live more independently.

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Individualized based on need
Flexible delivery

What to Expect

Assistance is based on individual need and is designed to promote daily life skills including maintaining good physical and mental health, learning to manage finances, making good choices around relationships, meal planning, cooking and maintaining a healthy space.

Who is this program for?

Adults aged 18 years and older who have a developmental disability, have been referred by Community and Social Services (Disability Services), and have a desire to live independently

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Frequently Asked Questions

My adult family member really needs your SIL program, however they don’t think they do. Can you still help them?

Our supports are provided to willing participants, so they would need to work with our staff to develop an Individual Support Plan that would detail what supports would be provided and how they would be delivered. That being said, feel free to give us a call, maybe one of our staff can meet with your family member and explain the supports and how they might benefit from them.

My child is about to turn 19 and is moving out of the house on their own. Can you help them with the adjustment?

Once eligibility and services are approved from PDD for your adult child, the yes, supporting with the transition to moving to their own home is something that we can provide assistance with.

Will you come and clean my apartment and do my grocery shopping for me?

The supports through is program are based around teaching skills for independence. We will support people to learn to complete tasks that are required for a greater amount of “independence”. For example we can support people to develop a budget for groceries, make a shopping list together, and go with you to the grocery store to learn how to make the best use of your grocery budget.

Still have Questions?

You don't have to feel overwhelmed. Browse through a list of helpful links and resources to find more information and program support.