Building Our Stronger Selves (BOSS)

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Program Overview

Building Our Stronger Selves is an 8-week, part-time educational program designed to promote an increased quality of life and to increase basic life management skills through development of self-awareness and confidence. Through a group classroom setting, learners are supported in gaining awareness of themselves, their core values, and their personality style.

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Develop a deeper awareness of yourself
Learn strategies to build more effective relationships
Enhance your ability to problem solve

What to Expect

  • Short term program – just 8 weeks
  • Online and in person (when COVID restrictions permit)
  • Part time
  • Small group sizes
  • Workbooks let participants follow along
  • Growth in life management skills
  • Increased awareness of yourself
  • Understanding of your core values
  • Awareness of your personality style
  • Increased self confidence

Who is this program for?

Adults 18+, residing in Red Deer and surrounding area, seeking opportunities to enrich their lives through personal growth and improvement in their life situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to attend all classes?

Participation in all classes is highly encouraged as the topics build upon each. Each learner will be provided with program material, handouts and links to workshop content for future reference. To promote a full delivery of service, group sessions will allow participants to meet and interact with fellow learners, expand their support network and learn from each other’s experiences. Individuals who are absent will be provided alternative ways to obtain topic information.

Am I required to participate in group discussions or am I allowed to observe the workshops?

We recognize each learner has an individual comfort level and it may be difficult to share their experiences with others. Although participating in group discussions is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged.   Participating in group discussions allows each learner to examine topics from the perspectives of others, build an atmosphere of trust and develop peer support. Through group discussions, learners will be guided to increase life management skills, gain awareness of themselves, understand their core values, learn their personality style and increase their confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

What format is the program delivered?

Initially, the BOSS program was designed to be delivered in-person at our EPSS office, via a workshop structure. In response to COVID-19 and adherence to public health measures, the service delivery method was adapted to match the needs of the program and maintain safety. Online sessions provided learners with access to pre-recorded videos, interactive workbooks and live online group sessions by the program facilitator and opportunities for group discussions. When public health measures permit, and it is safe to do so, sessions may be further adapted to include a combination of online and in-person sessions to fully meet the needs of each learner. To learn more about the current format the program is being delivered, please contact us.

Still have Questions?

You don't have to feel overwhelmed. Browse through a list of helpful links and resources to find more information and program support.