Inclusive Community Employment (ICE)

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Program Overview

Inclusive Community Employment provides one-on-one support that meets the job seeker where they are, regardless of employment experience. Participants learn about employment, discover what they are interested in doing, what the opportunities are, and how employment may fit in their life. They are assisted with all aspects of getting a job and also with on-site job maintenance supports

How We Work Contact Us
Individualized assistance
Marketing support
On-site job support follow up

What to Expect

  • Assistance with preparing for entry into the labour market
  • Identifying your career goal
  • Preparation of job search tools (resume, cover letter, interview strategies, etc.)
  • Information interviews, career tours
  • Job matching – direct marketing support
  • On-site assistance 
  • Follow up support
  • Group learning opportunities

Who is this program for?

Adults aged 18 years and older who have a developmental disability, have been referred by Community and Social Services (Disability Services) and have a desire to secure employment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does EPSS keep part of my wage or receive money from an employer after I get a job?

All of EPSS’s employment programs including ICE do NOT take any money from the employer or portion of your wage. The ICE program is funded by Disability Services (formerly Persons with Developmental Disabilities) and therefore there is no cost to the participants in the ICE program or employers that hire anyone involved with our programs.

How do I start in the ICE program?

To join the ICE program you must first have been approved for funded employment services through Disability Services (formerly Persons with Developmental Disabilities). Then you can meet with one of our team to discuss what types of support you would best benefit from. After that EPSS will send a funding request to Disability Services and once that has been approved we can start providing support. To get the process started please contact your Caseworker at Disability Services.

Will you give me a job? Do you have jobs waiting to be filled?

EPSS will assist you to find employment that matches your interests, skills and abilities, and provide you with support throughout the job search process. We are not a third-party employment agency.

Still have Questions?

You don't have to feel overwhelmed. Browse through a list of helpful links and resources to find more information and program support.