A Gathering Place (AGP)

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Program Overview

A Gathering Place (AGP) is a Member-driven, peer support clubhouse operated by the STEPS Society of Red Deer. 


The Mission of AGP is to provide a social and safe environment where people living with mental illness can engage with peers in activities that promote wellness. AGP operates within the guidelines of the Clubhouse International model; through its activity-focused programming, the Vested Interest program and the Work Ordered Day, AGP strives to promote a feeling of dignity and respect in the Members, as well as, working with them to improve their quality of life.  Goals of AGP include:


  • Promoting the wellness of Members in a fun and creative atmosphere
  • Fostering a relaxing environment where Members would be free to socialize and participate in recreational activities of their choice
  • Creating a Community that supports individuals living with mental health concerns work towards their full potential
How We Work Contact Us
Promotes positive connections for members
Advocacy and referral
Offers supports and connections to community and government resources

What to Expect

Based on the belief that people with mental illness do recover and want to be an integral part of society, AGP provides a pre-employment training program known as Vested Interest, for Members who are wanting to increase their success in connecting to the labour market. The purpose of the VI program is to provide a safe space for members to learn the skills required to attain employment and the support to allow them to be successful as they transition back into the workforce.

Who is this program for?

Adults 18+ who are living with a mental illness

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be at the Clubhouse every day to keep my membership active?

Members have a choice regarding how to access the AGP program based on their preferences and availability. All members are always welcome, wanted, needed, and encouraged, but they are free to choose how and when to use the program.

Tell me more about AGP?

A Gathering Place Clubhouse is organized to support adults living with a mental illness. The AGP Clubhouse provides members with the opportunity to thrive in a friendly, supportive, and safe environment, with a focus on helping members build life skills, promoting community inclusion, and friendship through Work Order-Day programs and group activities. AGP’s clubhouse is a member-centered program that relies on the active participation of members to complete daily tasks. This concept emphasizes the crucial roles played by members in the program.

Who can join AGP – how do I become a member?

We welcome all people with a history of mental illness to join our membership program (free). Contact with AGP can be made via an agency or self-referral. After a successful in-person interview, a temporary membership (7 days) is granted and a permanent membership is issued upon successful completion of the 7 days trial period. All Members agree to and support the shared ownership and shared responsibility for AGP’s success. Our members’ talents, skills, and creative ideas are valued and encouraged.

Still have Questions?

You don't have to feel overwhelmed. Browse through a list of helpful links and resources to find more information and program support.