Employment & Support Services

From planning your career to individualized training, we support all job seekers in Red Deer and surrounding central Alberta communities.

  • Career planning
  • Resume writing
  • On-the-job training
  • Youth employment service
  • Employment services for individuals with disabilities
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Your needs dictate the services we provide. From job placement to supporting employees while they’re on the job, we tailor our employment services to fit the unique needs of your organization

  • Easy job posting
  • Resume screening
  • Ongoing support
  • Follow-up employee coaching
  • On-site employment training

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A Gathering Place

Personal growth happens when you have a safe place in which to live and learn freely. For individuals (18+) living with mental illness, A Gathering Place promotes the wellness of members through:

  • Activity-focused programming
  • Life skills training
  • Work areas for skills practice
  • Safe, supportive environment

Residential Programs

For individuals with a developmental disability or those identified with complex needs, independent living comes with specific challenges. Our programs provide residential placements for anyone who:

  • Requires supported independent living
  • Would benefit from life skills training
  • Thrives in a safe, supportive environment
  • Requires indiviualized planning tailored to their unique needs

Family Resource Centre

We provide support for families who are connected to Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) or who are under a Family Managed agreement with PDD.

  • Networking
  • Group learning opportunities
  • Navigating services and supports
  • Connecting families with local staffing solutions

about epss

The programs we offer allow for custom planning to support
each person’s individual needs.

Whether you need help finding your next job, finding the right employees, or dealing with the complexities of disability or mental illness, our trained, compassionate leaders at EPSS have an abundance of support services to help you achieve your goals.
We serve central Alberta with:
Employment solutions
Supported independent living

What Should I Look for in a Job/Career?

Discover your strengths and put them to work. Call us
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Individualized Employment & Support Services

We work with each individual to provide the right mix of
services to help you reach your goals.

Career Planning

What’s your next move? Create a plan, map out the steps, get the career of your dreams.

Job Matching

Support for employees and employers to build a productive workplace, with valued and skilled employees

Employment Training

Services to support the job search as well as job-specific training to help employees grow.

Employer Services

Don’t waste time with unqualified applicants. EPSS connects qualified employees to employers who need their skills.

Residential Placement

Specialized housing programs to support independent living for individuals with developmental disabilities who are also identified as experiencing complex needs.

Resources & Family Support

Resources, training, and networking services for families of children with developmental disabilities or families connected to Family Managed Services through PDD.

Community Integration

Involvement in a community keeps individuals healthier. We help those with developmental disabilities find and join recreational/social groups and activities.

Building Life Skills

Promote basic life management skills by helping participants develop confidence and self-awareness.

Not sure where to start?

Every journey is unique. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Contact EPSS to find out how we can help.