The goals of EPSS include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide the opportunity for individuals to develop the skills necessary to be successful in obtaining and maintaining employment
  •  Enable individuals to explore their employment potential and career options by providing experienced and qualified employment counselling
  •  Utilize community resources effectively in order to maintain accurate information on the labour market, potential employment opportunities and accessibility issues for employment placement purposes
  • Provide follow-up support to employees and Employers
  • Build on the Client’s capacity to better connect them to the labour market
  • Offer program and intake flexibility and responsiveness to meet the Client’s employment goals
  • Provide a comprehensive collaborative approach that will be responsive to a wide variety of Client needs
  • Increase Employer/community awareness of the contribution our Clients make and to demonstrate the benefits of making accommodation for and accepting our Clients as employees

Our commitment is to provide quality employment/training services using a client-centered approach. 

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