A Gathering Place is a Clubhouse for adult individuals with mental illness. Each member participates in the overall running of the Clubhouse and has the opportunity to access additional services and supports needed to continue their personal recovery.

The clubhouse consists of five units as part of the “Work Ordered Day”. These units are designed to help members learn new job skills, renew and update existing skills, as well as promote confidence. Working side-by side gives the members and staff the opportunity to do volunteer work that is important to their community and their clubhouse.

This program will:

  • Promote the wellness of members in a fun and creative atmosphere.
  • Foster a relaxing environment in which members have opportunities to socialize and participate in recreational activities.
  • Create a Community that works together to help individuals living with mental health concerns work towards their full potential.

Our Mission

The Clubhouse, through the International Centre for Clubhouse Development (ICCD) model, strives to support people living with a mental illness improve their quality of life and promote dignity and respect. The Clubhouse encourages: active participation in clubhouse programs, community inclusion, sustainable employment for members, self advocacy, personal growth and empowerment.

Work Ordered Day


Provides an opportunity for members to promote sales and gain confidence in customer service.


Provides experience to meet and greet people, answer phones, take messages and transfer calls to the members in the clubhouse.


Provides familiarity with clerical support. Participants learn to record and distribute the unit minutes along with participating in preparing quarterly newsletters.


Provides knowledge of menu planning, meal preparation, purchasing, budgeting and food safety training.

Maintenance & Janitorial

Provides the understanding of general maintenance and janitorial services required to up-keep a facility.

Additional A Gathering Place Programs

Vested Interest

  • A training and employment program to rapidly employ individuals.
  • Vested Interest employees generally work 2 to 5 hours per week.
  • These are paid positions.

Transitional Employment Program (TEP)

  • Ask us about our upcoming TEP dates.
  • TEP is highly structured for active members who are ready to return to the work force.
  • These are paid positions.

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