Youth Employment Services (Yes)

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Program Overview

Youth Employment Services (YES) offers individualized assistance to youth through career  planning, job search skills training, and guidance in finding and maintaining employment.

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Essential skills training
Career exploration
Direct marketing assistance

What to Expect

  • Transition planning from youth to adulthood
  • Connection to community services including adult services if transitioning to adulthood
  • Career planning
  • Emphasis on job search skills
  • Assistance finding and maintaining volunteer/work experience, employment, further education
  • Collaborative planning with parents, teachers, caseworkers, youth, etc.
  • Flexible programming (youth can leave Career and Employment Information Services (CEIS) and come back at a later date)
  • Longevity of services (12 months of CEIS, 150 days of Follow Up)

Who is this program for?

Youth between the ages of 14 and 21, referred by:

  • Family Support for Children with Disabilities
  • Children’s Services
  • Community & Social Services – Disability Related Employment Supports

Services are provided in Red Deer, Red Deer County, Lacombe, County of Lacombe and Counties of Ponoka, Clearwater, and Mountain View.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the program provide Job Coaches?

Job Coaching supports may be available to Youth who require additional training beyond the capacity of what the employer is able to provide. Youth who require additional training support can receive short term Job Coaching support from their Employment Specialist.  Youth requiring more in depth Job Coaching support will be assisted to secure enhanced Job Coaching supports through various resources dependent upon their situation.

What type of job search support is provided?

Job Search supports are activity based to assist Youth to learn the skills to navigate through job postings and identify which positions match their skills and capabilities.  Youth will learn how to develop a resume and cover letter targeted to a specific position or industry, participate in interview preparation activities and develop the skills to effectively market themselves to employers as well as how to apply online. Furthermore, Youth will be supported to understand the local labour market including the hidden job market and how to develop a network of employers.  We recognize the job search process may be difficult, therefore we can provide varying degrees of support based on the Youth’s individual needs. Employment Specialists are available to provide (in the community) one on one job search support throughout the entire job searching process, including offering opportunities for the Youth to observe the Employment Specialist interacting with employers to learn more about successful employer communication methods.

What type of support is provided once a placement is secured?

Once Youth have secured a placement they will receive 180 days of follow up support to promote long term success.  Services will include activities such as: on-going communication and assistance, worksite visitations/employer feedback, support and strategies to promote positive work habits, re-connection to the labour market should the initial placement breakdown, identification and implementation of specialized supports as required (example: exploring use of adaptive aids, incorporating environmental modifications), etc.

When will the program accept new intakes?

Intake for the Youth Employment Program has closed however we continue to track community interest should intake for the program re-open. Presently there is no intake date scheduled for the Youth Employment Program. 

Still have Questions?

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