Program Philosophy

The purpose of the Community Inclusion Program is to assist people with developmental disabilities to join a community based group or activity.  We provide support to become part of an existing group in the community and fade out supports as the person becomes able to independently sustain membership in the chosen group or activity.

Who Can Apply?

Persons who:

  • Have a developmental disability and are eligible to receive supports through Disability Services.
  • Have the desire to participate in activities, groups and events within the community
  • Have the ability to learn the skills necessary to participate in the activity independently with minimal support from EPSS

This Program will:

  • Explore and discover the dreams and desires of the participant and connect them to the recreation and volunteer activities of their choice
  • Provide initial support to connect with an activity
  • Fade out EPSS support while increasing natural supports within the chosen activity
  • Increase the community’s awareness of persons with disabilities and the benefits of inclusion

Participant Benefits:

  • Increased Employability
  • Improved physical and mental abilities
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Promote positive self image
  • Greater interdependence
  • Increased participation in leisure time interests
  • Strengthened interpersonal skills
  • Increased enrichment and creation of a meaningful quality of life
  • Promotion of life-long learning

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