Top Six Reasons to Work at EPSS/AGP

    1. Working for EPSS gives individuals the opportunity to engage both their head and their heart. The interesting and challenging work environment allows individuals to make full use of and derive benefit from their mental abilities while also getting the opportunity to see the positive effects their efforts have on people within the community.

    2. At EPSS individuals have the opportunity to work in a welcoming yet high-performance corporate culture. EPSS continuously utilizes forward-thinking to establish innovative ideas for programs and procedures within our organization. Employees are encouraged to speak up, be creative, and collaborate with each other in order to meet high standard strategic goals and objectives.

    3. Employees at EPSS have access to a highly versatile work environment. No two days are exactly alike with a constant influx of new and different clients requiring their own individualized program needs. Each day at EPSS presents new and exciting challenges requiring each employee to employ diversified skill sets.

    4. EPSS is a workplace that allows individuals to come to work every day with a sense of purpose. The ultimate goal of EPSS is to enhance the quality of life for individuals within the community through its support services. Employees are given a chance to spark change for both specific individuals and the community as a whole.

    5. EPSS offers its employees a great amount of control and flexibility. Individuals are able to make high-level decisions about the support they provide to specific individuals. 

    6. AGP gives its employees the opportunity to connect directly with individuals who struggle with their mental health and create a safe and relaxing environment for them. AGP employees are able to play a direct role in bettering the wellness of individual lives.

Job Postings

Casual Positions within the Pillar Program
Location: Red Deer Alberta
Start Date: As soon as the qualified candidate is identified - Click here for more information

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