Top 5 reasons to be a Board member of STEPS Society of Red Deer (operating as EPSS and/or AGP)


  1. Becoming a Board Member of STEPS Society of Red Deer is an excellent opportunity to become involved in the community and play a true role in effecting change. Board Members are able to educate themselves and take real control of issues regarding employment and supporting individuals facing life challenges within Red Deer and the surrounding area.

  2. Board Members of STEPS Society of Red Deer are able to connect with like-minded people with similar desires to better the community. Becoming a part of the STEPS Society of Red Deer gives individuals a chance to expand their network with others also involved in similar community areas.

  3. Individuals who become Board Members of STEPS Society of Red Deer have the chance to grow their leadership, financial, and general business skill sets. Board Members are responsible for overseeing the management of the agency, annual budgets, and the approval of policies.

  4. Becoming a Board Member for STEPS Society of Red Deer can give individuals the ability to share their knowledge and expertise regarding employment issues, mental and physical health concerns and the impact this presents to employability, current/future labour market trends and living full and complete lives.

  5. Ultimately, Board Members of STEPS Society of Red Deer are able to give back to the community in a meaningful way by working to enhance the quality of life for individuals struggling with employment, living skills, physical and mental health concerns. Serving as a part of this Board is a rewarding way to apply one’s passion for these subject areas in a goal-oriented way.

 Prospective Board Member Information Package and Application

STEPS Board Application Form

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