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Inclusive Community Employment

The Inclusive Community Employment Program (ICE) assists participants in improved employment opportunities, enhanced work satisfaction, and building and maintaining effective work and personal relationships. 

ICE offers support to assist individuals in determining their employment vision and providing guidance and strategies to achieve their employment goals. Through employment counselling and the Skills for Inclusion Workshops, we support the individual’s choice. Opportunities exist to enhance and develop interests, skills, and strengths. The development of personal growth achieved through ICE helps to improve their career prospects.

Who can Apply?

  • Have a developmental disability and are eligible to receive supports through Disability Services.
  • The individual must have a willingness to obtain and maintain employment
  • The individual must be able to proceed towards independence on the job site and work at a competitive rate

Supports Available

Supports are designed to meet individual needs and goals. Available supports for participants may include:

  • One-on-one assistance in creating employment opportunities
  • Weekly workshops
  • Resume development
  • Interview strategies
  • Supported job search
  • Ongoing job support
  • Job coaches
  • On-going workplace supports for employee/employer

Skills for Inclusion Workshops

Employment Specialists present each Skills for Inclusion Class according to the participant needs. The following is a sample of workshop topics:

  • Employer Expectations
  • Community Resources
  • Healthy Self & Relationships
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Proper Hygiene, Nutrition & Sleep Habits
  • Personal Development
  • Effective Communication In The Workplace
  • Anger and Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Respect and Empathy
  • Career Choices
  • Interview Strategies
  • What is Work?
  • Accepting or Leaving a Position
  • Workplace & Food Safety
  • Abuse Awareness